Search Engine Optimisation – What’s that all about?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing is an important part of writing any content for your website. It allows you to reach your target audience and potentially, pull in a considerable amount of traffic to your website. To rake in as many viewers as possible, we will need to talk about how targeted SEO marketing can help you get that long-desired website traffic. In this post, I will be talking about five different points to consider when marketing your content and why each of these points are important

Step one: Know your target audience

This is a key tool that allows you to reach your userbase. What things do your audience like? Are they avid gamers? How old are they? Are they young? Are they in the 60s? Are they male or female? Knowing facts like these make us content writers’ stalkers of the sort (professional stalkers at that) but staking is important, and you can “Stalk” by finding this information using analytics. For example, if you are marketing your content to a female in her 60s, it may not be a good idea to write an article about how to become a master prestige in Call of Duty. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a super nanny playing a game like Call of Duty is slim ( but does happen ) so writing an article like this would likely not gain much traction. Instead, analyse who your target audience is and engage with them. So, in this case, writing an article about the best ways to spend your time after retirement will bring more traffic to your website.

Step two: Use keywords

This is another important aspect of SEO marketing. One simple way to do some quick research is to ask some friends (5 or more) what they would search for to find your website if they did not know the name of the company but knew the services or products you provide, you may be surprised at how different people search for keywords and phrases that you have not thought of.

Another simple way of coming up with your keywords is competitor analysis using google. Make sure that you search for something that you would like to emulate to properly understand what keywords to use. At the bottom of some of the search results you will notice that google highlights relating keywords which may be suitable for your website. Keywords will make sure that your work sticks out to your target audience, If you use them, your articles will be found by more people if they search for something relevant to what you are writing.

One valuable tool I often use to find out what people are searching for on google is, using this tool you can type in something like “retirement” and the site will show you what people are searching for in relation to retirement. This is extremely valuable when considering what keywords and phrases to use.

Step three: Be Omni-Present

Another key part of SEO marketing is to make sure to be everywhere, and by that, you need to be EVERYWHERE. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, any social network you can think of. You must be your own little god if you want people to find your content. When you do, make sure that you upload on these platforms regularly as your audience will lose interest and move onto someone who uploads more frequently. Of course, uploading an essay on Instagram about the best way to free your time on an Instagram post will suck anyone’s attention span right out of them. So, instead, focus on more bite-sized content for platforms like Instagram. For example, it would be more engaging if you upload a sentence per point in your Instagram, saying something like “Step One: Practice yoga” and then have someone doing yoga in the background instead of writing an essay about the importance of yoga. Bite-sized content is a lot easier to consume than full-on Harvard sited essays.

Step four: Make your website appealing

Now its time to give your website a makeover! And by that, I mean, make it look appealing and professional. Using cheap stock images from the internet will likely deter people from viewing your website since they have seen the image dozens of times elsewhere. So, to avoid losing these precious viewers, you could invest in custom images, since the likelihood of someone else finding these images elsewhere is slim since you must fork up some cash for them. If you cannot afford to splash some cash on some custom images, it might be worth creating your images and editing them. Yes, it might be hard and time-consuming, but it might be worth considering if you have a little bit of time and a creative spark to make them.

Minimalism is important as well, as having a website that is too glittery and filled with imagers and different fonts will look artificial and push the reader away. So instead of throwing in tons of sweets onto your ice-cream sunday, consider taking the less is more approach to writing articles.

Step five: Feedback is key

The final step in creating SEO content is to look for feedback that your audience provides you with. A good way to do this is to create a survey asking what your target audience is interested in. What blogs are they interested in? How long should they be? Do people find these blogs engaging? Asking these questions and receiving feedback on them will allow you to improve your work and gain more traffic to your website. It would also be a good idea to look at the engagement that your articles are receiving and adjust your content accordingly.

Using your websites analytics, you can measure how successful your posts are, you can see how many clicks, how long the visitor stayed on the site and how the user found your site. Analytics can be done via google analytics or if your using wordpress there are numerous plugins that will give you a basic overview. It can seem complex to setup analytics, but it only takes a few minutes, and we are always on-hand to help you out f you get stuck.

These five steps not only show how important SEO marketing is in terms of gaining traction to your website, but it also shows you how to apply these skills to grow your website and to achieve that

utopia that you always dreamed of; gaining a mass of qualified website visitors.

I hope this article helped!

Thanks for reading!

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